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Our Sharpening guy is Gregg at Custom Sharpening Service .  He has been sharpening things for a long time and is very good.  Turn around time is usually less than 2 weeks.

Process:  you drop your item at My Favorite Quilt Shop (MFQS).  We let Gregg know, he comes to the shop and picks your item(s) up, returns to his shop and sharpens your item.  He then returns the item(s) to MFQS and we call you to let you know it's ready to pick up.

Gregg guarantees his work - if your item(s) is(are) not as sharp as you expect it to be - return item to MFQS and let us know it needs to be sharpened some more.  If your item cannot be sharpened - Gregg will let us/you know and there will be no charge.

Please direct any questions about services to Gregg at (920) 856-6142, Custom Sharpening Service

Cost estimates: 

Scissors:  $5.50

Rotary Cutter - single $1.50/each
Rotary Cutter - 4 or more $1.25/each

Snips  $5.00

Serger Blades - set  $10.00

 Beautician scissors - $16.50
  Hair Clippers - $4.75
 Cuticle Nippers - $3.50
 Dog Grooming Scissors - $16.50
 Thinning Shears - $8.25
 Japanese Style Hollow Ground - $27.50

Pocket Knife - $5.00
Hunting Knife - $5.00
Kitchen Knife - $1.00 each
Filet Knife - $2.00
Specialty Knife  $10.00

Lawn and Garden Tools
Mower Blades  $7.00 each

Hedge Shears  $3.75
Electric or gas hedge shears $15.00

Tree Saws  $14.00

Grass Clippers  $3.75

Pruning Shears/Loppers  $3.75

Hoe/Shovel/Spade   $3.75

Axes and Hatchets 
Single Edge  $6.00
Double Edge  $10.00

Carbide Circular Saw Blades  $0.20/tooth

Steel Circular Saw Blades  $10.00

Buzz Saws - $.75 / diameter inch

Any many other items...
custom sharpening details
custom sharpening cover sheet