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Fabric Selection

Are you intimidated by matching fabrics or do you just need a second opinion? We are here to help!

Pattern Interpretation

Reading patterns isn't always easy. If you need help interpreting what the designer is trying to get you to do, stop by and let us help you. We'll do our best.

$ 5.00 if more than 1/2 hour is needed

Scissor and Rotary Blade Sharpening

Drop off your dull scissors and rotary blades at My Favorite Quilt Shop. Items will be available for pickup within 2 weeks.

Can also sharpen knives and saw blades.

Click here for a price list

Cutting and Organizing

Do you need help cutting fabrics ? Help is available at My Favorite Quilt Shop

1) for just $10 we will cut your fabric according to the pattern directions

2) for just $5 per hour - rent the cutting table. This also gives you access to help and opinions from staff


Do you love to piece your quilts, only to get frustrated when it comes time to quilt it. We have a couple solutions for you...

1) Let us quilt it for you.  $0.02 per square inch (ex: (length x width) x .02 = quilting estimate. (60" x 80") x .02 = $96.00).  Drop off and pick up your quilt at My Favorite Quilt Shop, turn around time is 4 to 6 weeks.   Custom quilting will be more expensive, and will depend on the amount of custom work desired.

I have professional quilters that can quilt your quilt. One of my professionals has over 10 years experience in hand guided, pantograph quilting. My other quilters use computer guided quilting systems.  All quilters use Gammill Quilting machines and do their work in smoke and pet free environments.

To prepare your quilt for quilting:
   * Prepare your quilt front by pressing all the seams flat and make sure your quilt lays flat (if it doesn't lay flat, there is a possibility for puckers during the quilting process). 

   * Prepare your backing:  verify your backing is at least 4 inches larger than the quilt front on all four sides, example:  if your quilt front measures 50" x 60", your quilt backing must measure at lease 58" x 68".   Make sure your backing is pressed and all seams are flat.   

   *  If your supplying the batting, make sure the batting is at least 4" larger than the quilt front on all four sides. 

   *  Think about what color of thread you want the quilter to use.

If you would like to meet with one of the quilters to discuss the quilting you would like on your quilt, please call ahead to schedule a meeting.

Here is a great article from a long arm quilter on how to prepare your quilt for a long arm quilter...preparing-for-longarm-quilting

2) Rent the long arm.  Quilt your quilt yourself using the long arm quilting machine. No experience necessary. Training/practice on day of appointment. $30 per hour (2 hour min). Call for appointment.
Refer to Long Arm Rental page for more information (Click Here)

One on One Class

Do you like to learn new techniques but feel uncomfortable in a group setting?  Or just haven't found a class that is teaching what you need to know to complete a current (past or future) project. Call Jana at My Favorite Quilt Shop and sign up for your own One on One quilting class!!! Let Jana share her 30 years quilting experience and learn something new or improve on current techniques.

Techniques include (but not limited to):
Bindings, borders (including mitered corners),
kaleidoscopes, stack and whack, crazy quilting, applique, chenille, paper piecing, piping, T-shirt or memory quilts, Twister, Foundation piecing, braid, and many more.

Invite a friend and learn together. Different times available: mornings, afternoons, evenings.
Cost: $50 per person for 4 hours (does not have to be in one sitting).

The only "stupid" question is the "un-asked" question. Trust me....I've heard them all.
Call to make an appointment...(920) 965-2085

Learn to Longarm Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to thread the machine, how to layer the backing, batting and quilt to enable proper loading on the machine, how to use pantographs and free motion, and how to start and stop the machine.

This workshop is typically done as a part of a rental session. A scrap quilt will be loaded  onto the quilting machine and you can train and practice on this scrap.  When you feel ready, the scrap quilt will be removed and you will be trained and assisted on loading your quilt.  You will then quilt your quilt.  Rental time starts from the time we load the scrap quilt until we remove your quilt.   An experienced quilting machine operator will be available in the shop the entire time you are working on the machine.

If you choose to do this workshop prior to working on your quilt, on a different day - please schedule a one hour learn to longarm session and bring along two pieces of fabric (or muslin) at least 45" x 72" and a piece of batting of equal size.  The cost will be $30 per hour.  Minimum one hour.
Call to make an appointment...(920) 965-2085