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The YARD CARD has been used since 2006.  For every $10 purchase of regular price merchandise, you receive a punch on the "Yard Card".  Once the card is full, you receive $10 in credit toward your next purchase.  This has been a great tool, and many shoppers have received credit for their patronage.  However, it does have it's downfalls....lost card mean lost credit.  Purchases under $10 do not receive any credit.  All purchases are anonymous, there is no record of previous purchases.

We also have the VIQ program.  This program was started in 2018. The benefits with this program are an instant 10% discount on every regular priced fabric purchase.  Additional 5% off clearance priced fabrics.  A birthday card/gift during the month of your birthday.  One hour of free use of the long arm quilting machine per year ($30 value). One extra day of Shop Hop shopping at MFQS (when Shop Hops resume).   Cost for this program is a $25 initial membership joining fee, $15 annual renewal membership fee after first year.  (Go to VIQ program page)
Compare Yard Card, Loyalty Card, VIQ PROGRAM
  Yard Card Loyalty Card VIQ
Name & Email in MFQS system Not required YES YES
Purchase credit (regular priced merchandise) Min $5.00 Every cent 10% on Fabric (change to 10% on all reg price merchandise)
Track your purchases NO YES YES
Require card to track purchases. YES NO NO
Can I combine my purchases with someone else YES (give them the card to be punched at purchase) NO - Each person has their own account NO - Each person has their own account
Credit for internet sales NO YES YES
Credit for all regular price merchandise YES YES NO - Discount Fabric & monthly specials (change 10% on all reg price products - no monthly specials)
Total purchase to receive credit $250 $250 Receive discount at time of purchase ($250 purchases = $25 credit).
Amount of discount credit $10 $10 (4%) 10%
Can I save up credits YES YES n/a
Require card to get discount credit YES NO NO
If I loose my card, do I loose my purchase credits? YES NO NO
Cost NO $5 One time fee $25 Join, $15 Annual renewal
Other membership benefits NO NO YES
Extra discount on sale merchandise NO NO YES +5%
Credit applied for shop hop, Quilt show, off site purchases NO NO NO
Credits expire NO YES - 1 year from purchase date n/a - discount given at time of purchase
If I have a Yard Card - can I transfer my curent credits to the Loyalty Card?   YES
If I join VIQ and it expires, what program do I default to? Loyalty card.