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As of June 2021 - Long Arm Rental is NO LONGER AVAILABLE
If you would like a quilt quilted - I have professional quilters that will do it for you.  Our turn around time is approximately 4 weeks, our costs start at 2 cents per square inch.

Bring your quilt to My Favorite Quilt Shop - peruse the patterns and we will notify you when your quilt is done.

After 15 years I need to discontinue renting the long arm quilting machine.

It has been a lot of fun teaching quilters how to use the long arm and watching them create their own masterpieces. However, this has come at a price. I have had to replace the machine 4 times and had numerous repairs and part replacements. Renting the machine also requires a lot of my time. And when the machine is not working properly – A LOT of stress and agony when a quilt is damaged during the rental process.

Thank you for understanding.


Read here how to prepare your quilt for your quilting here

Making a quilt backing.  I really like this quilters idea's. You Tube Video

This is an interesting video showing the basic process of loading a quilt onto a long arm.  The frame used in the video is a Gammill, our Nolting frame is slightly different.   You Tube Video

Here is a video showing the basics of a long arm sewing machine.  This is not the machine at MFQS, but is very similar.  Watch Video
Quilting a large quilting on a domestic sewing machine..You Tube Video

My Favorite Quilt Shop

Long Arm Quilt Machine Rental  

Phone: (920) 965-2085 to make appointment

$30 per hour - 2 hours minimum (rate increased Jan 1, 2019).
Note:  The popularity of long arm renting has increased and the number of last minute cancellations and rescheduled appointments has also increased.  Each of these cancellations creates an inconvenience for a fellow quilter who needed the machine but couldn't get an appointment because it was booked. Therefore, a $10 reservation will be charged.  This fee will be credited to your bill at your appointment.  If you cancel or reschedule your appointment less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled time, the reservation fee will not be refunded. 

The following are the guidelines for renting time on My Favorite Quilt Shop's Nolting Long Arm Quilting Machine.

Included in your rental session is our Beginning Long Arm Quilting Workshop. In this workshop you will learn how to thread the machine, how to layer the backing, batting and quilt properly on the machine, how to use pantographs and free motion, and how to start and stop the machine.

The rental fee includes the following... assistance loading the backing, batting and quilt top onto the machine, bobbins will be loaded for you and the machine will be threaded with thread color of your choice.

If you are quilting a large quilt such as a queen or king and decide to do heavy custom quilting, please plan your time accordingly. It is not recommended to remove the quilt before the quilting is finished. A queen sized quilt can usually be completed within 2 to 3 hours.

Thread will not be included in your rental fee; a $2 per bobbin thread charge will be assessed. We use only Signature thread. My Favorite Quilt Shop will carry basic colors of threads. If you must have a specific color - please notify the shop at least 10 days in advance so I can special order what you need.

To prepare your quilt for quilting:
   * Prepare your quilt front by pressing all the seams flat and make sure your quilt lays flat (if it doesn't lay flat, there is a possibility for puckers during the quilting process). 

   * Prepare your backing:  verify your backing is at least 4 inches larger than the quilt front on all four sides, example:  if your quilt front measures 50" x 60", your quilt backing must measure at lease 58" x 68".   Make sure your backing is pressed and all seams are flat.   

   *  If you are supplying the batting, make sure the batting is at least 4" larger than the quilt front on all four sides. 

   * About what color of thread you want to use.

Please do not wear very loose fitted clothing, dangling necklaces, or scarves. Please tie back long hair.

No food or drinks allowed near the machine.

Tools and pins should not be on the quilt or near the machine.

Please clean your work area at the end of your rental time.

There is a $10 reservation fee.  This fee will be deducted from your session cost at time of session.  If you cancel your appointment, you forfit your reservation fee.   This is because someone else may have wanted to use the machine on your date/time and could not because you were booked.

Only one other person may accompany you during your session.

Session includes one needle. Additional needles may be purchased at $1.00 each if needed.

Renter agrees to not change bobbins, adjust the tension, remove thread jams or replace needles without help from MFQS staff.

Rental fees are as follows:

Minimum 2 hours @ $30/hour

Full day rental 10:00am- 5:00pm @ $175.00 (7 hours)

Renter agrees to operate MFQS Nolting Long Arm machine and studio equipment at their own risk. Renter will not hold MFQS responsible for any injury caused to their person or damage caused to their quilt due to faulty operations.

Renter agrees to pay for any repairs or replacement of parts damaged while in operation caused by the renter.

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